The GSDA GIS is sponsoring a rountable discussion and pizza lunch on Geospatial Data and Analysis: The Greenland Ice Sheet on Tuesday, Nov. 18 from 11:30am -12:30pm in Derby Hall (DB), Room 1039. See "Events" for details.

Research in the physical, environmental, and earth sciences requires a diverse set of technical skills involving the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of spatial data. Scientists possessing these interdisciplinary technical skills are becoming indispensable members of research teams studying complex problems of global significance.

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization (GIS) in Geospatial Data and Analysis (GSDA) supplements the graduate curricula in several of the core sciences as well the technically oriented degree programs, such as Geography, Statistics, and Engineering. The overarching goals of the GSDA specialization are to streamline students' training in the various aspects of geospatial technology and, consequently, improve the quality of research performed by Ohio State graduate students.

The faculty coordinators of the GIS are available to assist students and their advisors in choosing courses that are appropriate for the students' needs and backgrounds. For more information, please contact any of the faculty coordinators.

The guidelines for obtaining an interdisciplinary specialization are available from the Graduate School. The Interdisciplinary Specialization Program Enrollment is available here. The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization Transcript Designation form is available here.

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